Vecow Launches ECX-2400S PEG AI Computing System

2021/3/3 0:0

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Mar. 3, 2021 - Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, announced the release of the latest AI Computing System, ECX-2400S PEG. Powered by 10th Gen Intel® Xeon® /Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processor with Intel® W480E chipset, ECX-2400S PEG not only provides high-performance computing capability but also features innovative storage technology to bring exceptional speed, large capacities and reliable data protection. By integrating powerful graphics engines, Vecow ECX-2400S PEG is ideal for Cellular V2X, Unmanned Vehicle Sensors/Radars/Mapping Data Collection, Traffic Vision, AMR/AGV, and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.


Vecow ECX-2400S PEG is powered by 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ processor and works with the Intel® W480E chipset, which provides a 45% increase in system performance and 87% improvement in graphics performance compared to the former Intel® Coffee Lake platform. Furthermore, this new system includes high-speed configurations like USB 3.2(10G), PCIe 3.0 (8GT/S), SATA III (6G), NVMe SSD and GigE LAN (1G), making it ideal for any embedded use case.


Vecow ECX-2400S PEG supports 4 front-access SSD/HDD trays including 2 NVMe SSD in M.2 and 2 2.5" HDD/SSD Trays. The M.2 form factor SSD supports the PCIe x2 interface and delivers significantly faster reading/writing performance, with up to 2TB of capacity.


"Vecow ECX-2400S PEG features the latest M.2 form factor and is accelerated by NVMe technology," said Hugh Hsu, Product Manager, Embedded Systems & Platform Division at Vecow. “With easy installation design, ECX-2400S PEG helps our customer to migrate/store the data quickly and easily.”  


"We are excited to introduce ECX-2400S PEG to our partners,” said Joseph Huang, Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing Division at Vecow. “We are seeing the storage growth in response to the increasing big data collection and analysis for Cellular V2X and autonomous driving applications like EVs and ADAS. The launch of ECX-2400S PEG delivers high performance and speeds of embedded storage with no latency and large storage capably with reliability, ensuring real-time data processing for innovative in-vehicle applications.”


Powered by 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processor, compact integrated function, 2 front-access M.2 Trays, and 2 front-access SSD/HDD trays, Vecow ECX-2400S PEG is an ideal solution for Traffic Vision, Cellular V2X, Unmanned Vehicle Sensors/Radars/Mapping Data Collection, Autonomous Driving, and any AIoT applications.


To learn more about Vecow AI Computing System, please visit the ECX-2400S PEG product page or for more details.



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