Vecow Launches EVS-2000 Series 10th Gen Intel® Workstation-grade Fanless AI Computing Engine with MXM Graphics

2020/6/11 0:0

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Jun 11, 2020 – Vecow Co., Ltd., a team of global embedded experts, announced the release of the latest Fanless AI Computing System, EVS-2000 Series. Featuring 10-core 10th Gen Intel® workstation-grade platform and integrated NVIDIA® MXM graphics engines, Vecow EVS-2000 Series delivers leading AI computing productivity and is ideal for Facial Recognition, Factory Automation, Smart Retail, Machine Vision and any AIoT or Industry 4.0 applications.

Vecow EVS-2000 Series is powered by 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processor, runs on W480E chipset and supports memory up to DDR4 64GB, providing a system performance improvement of 18% over the previous generation Coffee Lake. In addition to workstation-grade performance, Vecow integrates compact NVIDIA® Quadro®/GeFore® MXM Graphics based on NVIDIA® CUDA cores and supports up to 8 independent displays of up to 8K resolution to ensure small form factor high computation needs for Smart Retail and Machine Vision applications.


Vecow EVS-2000 Series offers multiple interface configurations including 6 USB, 2 GigE LAN, 3 COM, 2 SIM sockets, 2 2.5” SATA HDD, and 1 SD socket, enabling a wide range of application deployment. Furthermore, EVS-2000 Series not only provides M.2 slots and mSATA for storage expansions, but also provides PCI/PCIe for users to further scale functionalities based on their needs.

"Vecow EVS-2000 Series provides the latest Intel 10th Gen platform and integrates NVIDIA ®MXM GPU module solution," said Alan Chou, Senior Product Manager, Embedded Systems & Platform Division at Vecow. "The combination of CPUs and GPUs in a system generates more heat due to high power consumption. Thanks to Vecow RD teams, EVS-2000 features unique fanless thermal solution which prevents CPU from over-heating and decreases internal heat from GPU module; as a result, Vecow EVS-2000 ensures system work stable in mission-critical applications.”


"To integrate customer's requirements on this high-performance AI computing system, EVS-2000 Series provides various expansion slots for users like Mini PCIe slot, M.2 expansion slots, PCIe/PCI slot and SUMIT A, B," said Joseph Huang, Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing Division at Vecow.  "This brand new EVS-2000 Series features the latest 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ processor with up to 10 cores for improved throughput and ensure our customers fast time to market.”

Vecow EVS-2000 Series is based on the latest 10th Gen Intel® Xeon®/Core™ platform to provides advanced performance, capabilities and innovations and is ideally designed for modern computer vision applications at the edge including Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Intelligent Vending, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Robotic Control, AMR/AGV, Deep Learning, any Artificial Intelligent oriented AIoT or Industry 4.0 applications.


To learn more about Vecow GPU Computing systems, please visit the EVS-2000 Series product page or for more details.



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