Intelligent Surveillance

Video Analytics Surveillance is a required means to secure our daily operation via IoT (Internet of Things) and IoS (Internet of Services) network. It includes not only critical computing tasks, such as HD image capturing, real-time detection, post analysis, data applications, data backup and afterwards actions, but also harsh operating environments.


Powered by advanced processor, excellent performance and compatibility, multiple USB 3.0 ports, PoE+ GbE ports, front-access SSD/HDD, PCI/PCIe/ Mini PCIe/SUMIT expansions, rugged reliability and easy maintenance, Vecow's ECS-9700/9600 GTX950, ECS-9000 series, ECS-9200 seriesIVH-9000 series, ECS-9700 series, ECS-9600 seriesECS-8000 seriesIVH-7700 series, ECS-7800 series, ECS-7000M (M12), ECS-7000 series, ECS-4000 series, SPC-2000 series, and RCS-2000 series all-in-one fanless embedded systems and Frame Grabbers, PE-2000 series and PE-1000 series, are trusted performance driven solutions for various Video Analytics Surveillance applications in this intelligent era.